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lundi 12 décembre 2011

Massive fraud in DRC poll - Kenneth Mubu

Massive fraud in DRC poll - Kenneth Mubu

Kenneth Mubu
11 December 2011

DA MP says South Africa must not recognise Joseph Kabila as president

South Africa must not recognise Kabila as DRC President
All indications from independent observer missions are that massive electoral fraud has taken place in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).
Under these circumstances, there is no way that the South African government can recognize Joseph Kabila as the democratically-elected President.
Observers have pointed out numerous instances of questionable results.  For example, results from some 2000 polling stations in opposition strongholds were not included in the final tally. There were also impossibly high voter turnout figures of almost 100% in Joseph Kabila's home province. The average for other parts of the country was 59%.
It is also clear to any observer that the elections were not conducted in a free and fair environment:

  • Human Rights Watch found that at least 18 civilians were killed in election-related violence. The majority of these deaths occurred when Kabila's presidential guard opened fire at a rally of opposition supporters. 
  • Electoral chaos included instances where polling stations suddenly moved without warning, voters were unable to find their names on the voting lists and polling stations that ran out of ballots. 
  • There were numerous reports of members of the armed forces trying to influence voters' choices.
  • Observers claimed that they were not allowed entry into many polling statements raising concerns about intimidation and a lack of confidentiality in the voting process. 
  • Illiterate voters claimed that they were accompanied into polling booths by observers from political parties. 

Contrary to reports from most independent observer missions, the SADC observer mission applauded the "sterling job" done by the DRC's national election commission. SADC joined the African Union (AU) in urging candidates to accept the outcome of the "successful" election. This SADC mission is led by the South African Minister of Correctional Services, Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula.
This echoes the SADC response to every Zimbabwean election since 2000. And it is further confirmation of the ANC's instinct to prop up dictators and turn a blind eye to the oppression of innocent African people. A party that openly pledges support for the murderous Mugabe regime - as the ANC did on Thursday - has obviously lost its moral anchor.

If the South African government wants to regain the credibility its foreign policy has lost since the days of Nelson Mandela, it will use every international mechanism at its disposal to push for a democratic outcome in the DRC. Until then, it should not recognise Joseph Kabila as the rightful President of the DRC.

Statement issued by Kenneth Mubu MP, DA Shadow Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, December 11 2011

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